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One who constantly tries to add ingredients and tells someone what and how to cook something when someone is preparing food.
Mom: "Okay, i'm making dinner."

Kid 1: "No, no, no, you are making it all wrong, you need to add ketchup."

Mom: "Oh I think i can do this myself sweety."

Kid 1: "Ugh!" *adds all THEIR favorite things.

Kid 2: "OMG, you are such a backseat chef!"
by LOL~WUT June 06, 2011
When a man inserts his penis into a partner's butthole and adds the "chocolate shell", comes back out and adds the recieving partner's favorite icecream sauce to the man's penis. Then, the recieving partner sucks and licks everything off of the penis. This goes on repeatedly. Every new addition of "chocolate shell" is called "getting a scoop".
Guy1: "So what happened to that chick you picked up?"

Guy2: "I took her to my place to get some asscream."

Guy1: "Her breath must smell like chocolate shit."
by LOL~WUT June 05, 2011

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