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The sausage scale is the scale you must look at when defining if an event is a sausage even.

A sausage event occurs when the

male population > female population

If the male population represents:

=50%: Supper
>50-59%: Sausage snack
>60-69%: Sausage cocktail
>70-79%: Sausage fest aka SF
>80-89%: Sausage buffet
>90-99%: Sausage banquet
=100%: All you can eat sausage

The same scale applies to woman, but the word donut is used. (merci sam)
GUY #1: Dude, should I got to this event?
GUY #2: I don't know, how many guys and girls are going?
GUY #1: 22 guys, 3 girls.
GUY #2: Where does that put the event on the sausage scale?
NERD: Thats a 81% male population.
GUY #2: Dude, that's a total sausage buffet. Don't go.
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by LOLUMAD999 March 29, 2010
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