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A poorly played character, usually one who thinks he's good but isn't. May be getting carried from obscurity singlehandedly by a beefstick.

Sometimes also known as Tinee.
1) Olinim: I don't know how to properly use the words "they're", "there", and "their". I'm so good though!
Random Noob: You think you're so good, huh? Well, why do you suck so bad then, kekekeke.

2) Random Noob 2: Olinim sure seems good, he's on good teams and has good gear.
Random Noob 3: Yeah, but that beefstick over there is much better and basically handed it to him.
by LOLGUESSWHO April 01, 2008
(Noun) A Beefstick is a person who is amazing at everything, both in World of Warcraft and otherwise. He's probably large in the crotchular region.
1) Damn, that guy from Cenarius is such a Beefstick! I wish I was as cool as him.

2) Random Noob: Wow, that Shaman's pretty good!
Random Noob2: Yeah, but he's no Beefstick, that's for sure.
by LOLGUESSWHO February 21, 2008

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