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Stands of "Lin only Fan"

Lin as in the Asian-American NBA player Jeremy Lin.

Although these people obsessively watch every game of the team for which Jeremy plays in order to watch him get a few minutes in the rotation (usually garbage time), they are not true fans of the team, but only fans of Jeremy Lin.

Forming a cult-like following, LOF's over-analyze every play that Jeremy makes on the court, good or bad, because they usually only have a couple minutes of action to dissect.

LOF's will also repeatedly complain that Lin needs more playing time and bash all of the point guards ahead of Jeremy in the depth chart.
LOF: Bibby is worthless...just look at his stats from last game. Douglas should be a shooting guard. He has no court vision. D'Antoni and the Knicks should start Jeremy instead at point guard.

LOF: *watches entire game in anticipation of Jeremy Lin getting playing time*
*2 minutes left in game with one team up 20 points*
Commentator: And we see Jeremy Lin from Harvard checking in for the first time...
by LOFNUMEROUNO January 02, 2012
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