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During a Cleveland Steamer, the person who is taking the shit pretends to slip and land in the shit and proceeds to slide down the chest on to the abdomen and finally on the genitalia. The shit filled landing strip on the person is the mudslide.
From the mexican mudslide she gave me last week my skin is soft as fuck.
by LNM July 03, 2012
Cinnaminson: Noun:
1. A town in south jersey, close to Philadelphia, PA, moorestown, delran, and pennsauken
3:Most youth in cinnaminson are crazy, they would kill you for a single penny. If you are ever forced to travel through this backwards town, lock your doors and role up your windows.
Most of the youth roam the streets in packs, congregating at "club wood", Friendlys, the "shiny diney" or wherever drugs can be found.
4:cinnaminson high school, AKA the refuse pit, AKA heroine high Known for it's drug infested student body, Asshole faculty, retarted principle, scary scary seniors and stupid freshman.
I needed to buy some pot, so i decide to go to camden, on my way i got lost and ended up in cinnaminson, I was very frightened at first, and i thought i was going to die. I stopped at a park to ask some kids for directions, and they growled at me... i drove away fast. I ended up getting my pot anyway...
by Lnm April 17, 2006

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