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New York's hottest club is TRASH. This meat packing hot spot includes Pierre, the Muslim Elvis impersonator; clones; freaks; sneezing; a Russian man on a prepaid cell phone; and there's no password! All you have to do is do the "Cosby face!"
Seth Meyers: Where's a good place to take my family over the weekend?
Stefon: New York's hottest club is TRASH!
Seth Meyers: ...
by LMG123 November 23, 2010
If a fat kid has biscuit knees and he's about to go on a slip 'n' slide, it means he's ready to party! Warning: It is NOT Mic Jagger!
Seth Meyers: That guy looks lame.
Stefon: But he's got that thing where he has biscuit knees.
Seth: Of yeah, riiiiight, that common thing. Ok.
by LMG123 November 23, 2010
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