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Omegle.com is the convergence of every side of the interwebz. You've got your horny 16 year olds, your brazilians, your pedos, trolls, lonely fat girls, complete social rejects, and stoners.
Omegle.com, fun for the whole family!
by LL Cool Jen December 22, 2009
A television show on Spike TV that is clearly written by men, for men. The vast majority of all deaths portrayed seem farfetched and elaborate. Regardless, it can be quite entertaining.
"Hey, Johnny, did you see 1000 Ways To Die last night?"

"Yeah man, those furries totally gave me a boner."

"Let's go snort some fire ants!"
by LL Cool Jen December 30, 2009
The one week of the month when a girl is on the rag and her partner is too pussy to try for red wings, and selfish enough to ask something of her.
"Hey Jennifer wanna go to the party with me this weekend?"

"No, I can't hold my booze and last week was BJ Week... I don't want to be projectiling cum all night."
by LL Cool Jen November 30, 2009
A term that emo kids often use to describe preps.
"We fucking hate how those preps are all the same, stupid conformists. So we band together and dress in black with excessive amounts of eyeliner and listen to shitty bands like Taking Back Sunday"
by LL Cool Jen October 25, 2009
The only other option.
Jen: "My dog keeps eating my homework!"
Nick: "Calmly explain the situation to her."
Jen: "No, she'll never believe that! Ugh I hate my dog!"
Nick: "Kill it."
by LL Cool Jen December 15, 2009
A greeting used by pussies and people who are obsessed with being politically correct, meaning "Merry Christmas!"
Joe: Rob! Happy holidays!
Robert: Joe, you have known me for four years. You know that I'm christan. You don't have to say "Happy holidays," to me. Merry christmas!
Joe: I'm jewish...
by LL Cool Jen December 24, 2009
When you piss on your hand and slap someone across the face.
Imma gold star you, bitch!
by LL cool Jen November 04, 2009

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