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Someone who keeps up their Christmas lights all year long and don't throw away/burn their tree.
Warning: Being a Nerkle is not a good thing!!
Teddy is a nerkle because he always keeps up his Christmas lights. He is really cool so people still like him and he has a lot of friends (such as Matthew the Canadian)
by LJ From Ca 2 Ca August 21, 2007
A sick song by Tito Puente in Bomba y Plena. It is obviously in Spanish. Listen to it.
Muchacho: Este es bueno.
Muchacha: Si
Mujer: Este es Hay que Trabajar
by LJ from CA 2 CA May 28, 2006
You know what I'm saying....used at the end of questions. Similiar to yadidimean
I'm so drunk...yadidisayin?
by LJ from CA 2 CA June 29, 2006
A sick ass movie where Golda Meir sends hitmen out to kill the terrorists of Munich. Do not see the remake by Steven Spielberg...see this movie. It even has Basil from Austen Powers.
I saw Sword of Gideon in Jew Skool.
by LJ from CA 2 CA May 28, 2006
When a car has one black air cap and another one was jacked.
When me and my homie were chromie hunting we saw a car with a black jack.
by LJ from CA 2 CA October 29, 2006
Muslim+Fro=Muslimfro....its just like afro...but on an Idian person

I have a jewfro....well I have a muslimfro
by LJ from CA 2 CA May 28, 2006

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