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At a club, a group of people dancing will often make a crowd on both sides of a single person, who proceeds to bust out cool dance moves by themselves. Generally the person in the middle will dance down the "aisle" of people.
Damn, did you see Liz bust out a move during the soul train tonight?
by LILIZ September 07, 2005
A world with no admin controls.
Real-life? Where can I download that?
by LILIZ September 30, 2005
Extreme real-life soap opera moment.
Man, did you see that love triangle between Nick, Harvey, and Lisa? That's extreme Passions!
by LILIZ September 11, 2005
To be the first reply to a post/topic/thread. Usually used for a post one anticipates to be epic.
Whoa, am I the first comment?

by LILIZ January 26, 2012

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