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A nice bit of e-totty
danggg! shes as hot as "caidie"
by LEthaLity April 13, 2008
a complimentary term for someone, like "super cool fish" see uber
That rob is one uberfish
by LEthaLity April 13, 2008
Pronounced Surreal-erk, short for Surreal IRC is an online UK based chat service, containing rooms of many types and for various people.

"Hi dave im going on surrealirc"
by LEthaLity April 14, 2008
A crazy irc server, full of nutters, great place to be.
i'm bored of the crap on ukcb, lets go on surrealirc, not all bastids there
by LEthaLity April 15, 2008
A popular UK based IRC Server,
lets go on surreal and have a laugh and call random people twat
by LEthaLity April 13, 2008
A decent ROCK band (not METAL, not HARDCORE) who appearance-wise resemble KISS and Motley Crue, with an unfortunately, insanely faggy fan base. End of story.
Random 14 year old girl: "Yeah I love Black Veil Brides and Blood on the Dance Floor! So inspirational!"

Me: "What the fuck is inspirational about cupcakes and blowjobs"
by lethality February 03, 2013

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