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Lenoir City use to be a very small town in East Tennessee. Over the last several years it has grown due to the fact that it is an interstate town and since you can drive through it to get the the Smokey Mountains they are building it up for the tourist that drive through. Lenoir City may have grown over the years but it still has alot of small town values. Theres a church or bank on pretty much every corner and since it is in the "Bible Belt" alot of the people are still very closed minded. Everyone still knows everyone else and everyone knows everyones business. Lenoir Cityians are very strong minded, stubborn people who love the south and everything it stands for. These people are also considered rednecks and good ole country boys/girls. There is alot of 4 wheelin', muddin', huntin' and fishin' that goes on in the backwoods and on the lakes. Lenoir Cityians are also known for their southern hospitality, big hearts and family values. Football is big in the area even though their high school football team, The Panthers, haven't been good since the 90s. The middle school team, The North Panthers, are amazing and have won state.

- The "Gateway to the Smokies"
- The "lake capitol of the south"
- Little Mexico :(
- LC
I have lived in Lenoir City my whole life. My family goes back generations in this area. I wouldn't want to raise my kids anywhere else. Lenoir City is home and home is where the heart is.
by LCforMe October 09, 2011

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