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3 definitions by L. Cullen

an extremely enormous phallus; a huge cock so large that it internally hits the back of the vagina and scrapes in the stomach.
kelly: omg, i rode scott's dick last night and he has a tooootal stomach scraper!
by L. Cullen December 12, 2010
v. to receive a hand job
n. hand job
Friend 1: How was your night last night with Jill?
Friend 2: It was pretty good, but I only got a wein squeeze out of the deal.
by L. Cullen March 28, 2011
PubLic hair is pubic hair that has been found in a public or communal place such as a bathroom toilet or bathroom shower/tub. The hair may either have fallen out or be the remains of a pubic-shaving session.
Mark: Sick bro, you live in a house with four other guys! You need to learn to remove the evidence of your public hair! I don't want to sit on that shit while I'm sitting on the toilet!
by L. Cullen December 02, 2010