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A 'piss up' is British slang for a drinking session, so if you couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery, you really suck at organising things.
"Im getting married in a few months but I'm going to leave it to Steve to organise the reception"

"Fuck that! Steve couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery... I'll do it"
by L-Shizzle November 15, 2007
To make someone who's trying to seem important less important. Derives from the piss-boner men wake up with in the morning, it's a fake boner. If you took the piss away, there would be no boner. Do you see?

That's the original meaning, however taking the piss now means just giving someone a ribbing and in the most part not meaning to be malicious.
Original meaning:

Guy 1: "Hey guys, what do you think to my awesome new haircut?"

Guy 2: "I think you look like a fucking prick, mate...you look like a real slob".

Other guys: "Haha, Guy 2 really took the piss out of guy 1!"

Meaning as it is now:

Guy 1: "Man, I only got a 45 on my last assignment"

Guy 2: "Haha that's fucking shit!"

Guy 1: "Don't be so mean"

Guy 2: "Cheer up man, I was only taking the piss"
by L-Shizzle November 15, 2007

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