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a guy that spends most of his days trading DCD's
when not trading DCDs, Doodey likes to trade DCDs
by l July 27, 2004
the smell of unwashed crotch
the smell of programmers
by L December 12, 2003
Semen or male ejaculate. Taken from semen's similarity in consistency and color to a vanilla shake.
She asked how many licks would it take, to make MC Ren start gushin' up vanilla shake.
by L January 16, 2005
A game played on road trips. The passengers in the back seat attempt to squish each other by pretending to react to g-forces when the car travels around a curve. For example, when the car turns right, the players lean left, squishing the passenger on the driver's side.
On our drive to Reno, we played Oh, Shit! so much that CB bruised a rib and lost his hat.
by L January 16, 2005
lubing up two fingers and inserting them in your arse (or somebody elses) for pleasure.
You og filed my nan you dirty bastard
by L December 15, 2004
(Insult) Pertaining to you sucking my nutsack for an idiotic comment made prior to the occassion. Originally derived from the marijuana vocabulary of PERSY, or personal spliff. Hence, instead of smoking a joint to yourself, you are smoking my balls, bitch.
Guy 1: Yo L, can I persy some of these chips.
Guy 2: Why don't you persy my nutsack you fucking douche.
by L October 11, 2004
Code word for urinating. Commonly used while on a date or in any other social setting.

Originated in a movie theater.
Damn, after I drank that big soda, I need to get some popcorn.
by L January 16, 2005
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