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A person whose intellectual ability surpasses Stephen Hawking in all areas known to man with the exception of spelling. Furthermore, spelling is so befuddling to the individual that after years of belittling them for their lack of spelling prowess they still lack the ability to spell the most basic words. However, when given a complex math or theory-based physics problem they instantly develop multiple hypotheses (one of which will be correct).
Matt: "Jonathan is brilliant when it comes to electricity, but he probably couldn't pass a third grade spelling test."

Kurt: "That's because he is a Grupptionary."
by L&l February 02, 2012
Useless sorority paraphernalia; a piece of junk with greek letters plastered on it usually found within close proximity of a sorority girl
A chachki is anything with greek letters including but not limited to: buttons, water bottles, stickers, bags, purses, sweatshirts, teddy bears, and picture frames.
by L&L February 28, 2007
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