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The moment during an Ecstasy trip where suddenly all the world makes sense and total harmony with the universe and all people seems possible.

Instantly forgotten once down from the peak.
As Dave looked out over the green fields of the farm he settled back with a grin as his E-piphany came on him.
by Kyza August 31, 2005
1. The massive head of foam when an incompetent bar-person pours a pint of lager.

2. Male ejaculate after a night on the piss
1. Jesus love, you wanna sprinkle some chocolate on that lagerchino while you're at it?

2. Sophie thought she could taste last night's Kronenburg in Simon's lagerchino.
#beer #lager #wife-beater #cum #swallow
by Kyza October 17, 2005
More than just plain wrong, wrong-ger.

Often used to describe something/someone physically unpleasant.

Can only be topped as superlative by wrong-gest
Me: Mate, doing that bird after 10 pints was just wrong

Mate: You say that, but the one you had with the hair lip was wrong-ger

#wrong #wrong 'un #very bad #unpleasant #grim
by Kyza October 17, 2005
Any form of 'push on thru' fuel consumed between 5 and 8am following an all-nighter. Generally consisting of a cocaine, speed, pills washed down with beer or vodka.
Opening a can of Stella as Mark racked out a line, Steven looked at his beer and proclaimed

'AH, beer and coke. Breakfast of champions
#beer #lager #wife-beater #coke #beak #drugs
by Kyza October 18, 2005
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