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Trickery is when someone lies and decieves like when you are trying to fool someone or lie to someone.
*Don't try to trick me with your trickery!
*Think you're slick with all your trickery you trickster!
*Chris tried to trick everyone with his trickery but he is not a good trickster so we were not tricked.
by KyleyJ113 February 15, 2008
Means relaxing and vacationing- this is what u do when u r on vacation. This word can also be user for chillin'.
This weekend i am relaxificationing at the beach!! hells yea!

I am all about relaxificationing!
by KyleyJ113 February 15, 2008
Kram can be used when calling someone a douchebag a jerk or stupid u can call them kram. Kram is also what you should call anyone named Mark because kram is Mark backward.
Kram it up your kram hole!
by KyleyJ113 February 15, 2008

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