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For all the bad Catholics out there who only go to mass on midnight Christmas Day because they skipped every Sunday mass prior. The church is usually packed out to capacity.
"When was the last time you went to church"
"It doesn't matter. I'll make it up by going to midnight mass"
by KyleReese April 09, 2009
The shortest distance from Point A to B without factoring in things like traffic, highways etc.
"Dude, this site says she is only 25 miles away"
"25 miles by a crow's flight"
by KyleReese November 13, 2009
When you are able to talk shit via text but not in person
Joe (while showing Jackie his phone): Wow, do you believe all the crap Ashley is saying?

Jackie: Yeah, her text muscles are really showing tonight.
by KyleReese July 08, 2010
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