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A random word, not an extension of yar.
Word is best used to "break the ice" or just break the silence. If things seem stale in a converstaion it is best used for random sayings.
Person 1 "Howre you doing?"
Person 2 "dont even ask"
Person 1"Yarbos?"
Person 2 "lol"
by Kyle Vesa December 06, 2006
Someone who knows way to much about the media mediums, such as music, movies, celebrities and Video Games. This person sucks up all the information and never seems to forget it, and usually can answer anything about the medias on the spot.
"What Movie is on?"
*after one second of seeing the movie*
"thats insert movie title"
"you really are a mediawhore"
by Kyle Vesa December 06, 2006
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