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when someone posts something on your Facebook wall and exercises their ability to remove it before you read it. the catch or "sighting"... if you will, is when the post appears in your notifications providing footage of some sort of parasocial activity.
me: hey Post Ghost what was too embarrassing to leave on my wall? or did you just want to let your presence be known?lol
msg sent 02/09/2012

post ghost: haha really? when was that? whats new?
msg sent 10/04/2014
by kyle pro February 05, 2012
fore and a half head is when a chick has thin or no eyebrows at all, this creates the appearance of a fore&1/2head.
daryl: that chick is hot.

lary: she dose look hot. wonder how she keeps the sweat from beading down into her eyes..

daryl: what?

lary: ya, its got to be like 95 degrees out and with this heat and that fore and a half head and no eyebrows to catch the sweat. i wonder how she dose it...

daryl: ......your an idiot.
by kyle pro February 05, 2012
this is a phrase i cam up with when somebody asks you for example, why you dint do somthing there way, or the way they like.
Q:why didnt you put your hair up today?
A:...cause unlike you, im ME.

Q:how come you never wear colorfull(colourfull if your american) shirts in the summer?
A:....uhhh cause unlike you....im ME!

VGQ:how come you never have rough sex with me in the bedroom???

A:i didnt know you were into that baby... good F@$%ing question.
by Kyle Pro May 12, 2009

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