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Not to be confused with the grimey beach town of the immediate north seaside heights. This beach town is to the south of Ortley Beach and Seaside Heights, and the north of Island Beach State Park between the Barnegat Bay and Atlantic Ocean. It starts right after Funtown Pier Meters and ends at 13th avenue. Unlike the guido capital of the world Seaside Heights, the park is not littered with guidos, bennies, bathrooms, cheesesteak and pizza stands, and skanky hoes. Granted some bennies do know about the park, they would rather stay as close to the heights as possible so not to stray away from their tourist comrades.
It may only be 2 miles long with around 2,000 residents, but it is the perfect place to get a true taste of why New Jersey beaches are the nicest in the country. The wide, pearly white sand beach is well maintained and is the nicest in the area. You cannot bring coolers, glass, alcohol, or pets on the beach, but bring a surfboard, bodyboard, skimboard, fishing pole, and a good attitude. The lifeguards are on duty everyday during the summer months from 10-5, so if you decide to get caught in a rip current, do it during those hours. Beach badges for the season are $35 before June 15, and $45 there after.
Beach by day, Sawmill by night for a drink or really big slice of pizza. For the families, Funtown Pier is loaded with rides, food, and arcades. In the morning Betty and Nick's has good breakfast and the Park Bakery is one of the best around. For Lunch, Surf Taco is the place to go. And at night Bum Roger's or the Atlantic Bar and Grill.
This information is from a ssp local meant to inform. If you are an irresponsible, inconsiderate benny or guido please do not venture into the park, keep it in the heights or better yet north jersey, PA, or NY. If you surf, make sure to give priority to the people that put in their time. Do not pollute, play loud music, or drive like you've never seen the beach before. Hey, you might even look like a local if you decide to ditch the adidas sandals or sneakers for some reef's, the basketball shorts for some boardshorts; leave the gangster chain, wife beater, fitted, and gel at home. Give the locals and the jem known as Seaside Park respect, and you can enjoy it all you wish.
Guido/Benny: I'm going down the shore this weekend. I heard of this place seaside park. I'm going to take my entire extended family,drive 20 mph under the speed limit and not realize it even after a death stare from a local driver, learn to surf with a 12 foot board, leave my trash and cigarette buds on the beach, sit down right on top of other people, wear my capris, a pink polo with popped collar, brooklyn fade, find all people that look like me and stand in big group and try and hollar and guido pump at every girl I see. Just livin the Jersey Shore dream.

Seaside Heights.. ya those kids look in the mirror before they go out, and ya, they're serious.

Summer in the park, the true Jersey Shore.
by Kyle, Local July 26, 2007

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An all encompassing slang term for a person of Spanish/Hispanic origin, used with comedic, and somewhat derogatory overtones, developed by Italian-Americans in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. 1980s to present day.

The original 'Waygo' is known to have been derived from one of the two waiters at a Spanish restaurant in Elizabeth, New Jersey - 1985.

The Waygo is often clueless and can provide comic relief in their:
-Accented english
-Blank Stares
-Answering non "Yes” or “No" questions, with "Yes” or “No."

The mixing of the Spanish and English languages of these non-natives has also lead to an extensive list of 'Waygoisms,' variations of English words with Hispanic accents, and literal transla- tions of Spanish/Hispanic sayings directly to English.

Alternate Spelling(s): Weygo, Güeygo
SON: God,what is wrong with this guy,he messed up my order two time already!
DAD: He's a Waygo..what do you expect?!
by Kyle, Local January 26, 2015

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