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4 definitions by Kwazinator

the specific act of getting so drunk that one cannot form coherent/understandable sentences. Pronounced: (Gre-zmer).
Chad: I mhum is so god flump sho
Guy: Yeah Chad is so Gresmered right now
by Kwazinator October 31, 2011
To get extremely drunk in the short timespan of around 15 minutes,
usually leads to throwing up about 30 minutes later.
Alex: Where'd our bottle of Captain go?
Will: Ethan chugged it about 5 minutes ago
Alex: He's beckering today...
by Kwazinator October 31, 2011
to pagel,
acting belligerently drunk at a party to the extent of getting kicked out of that party.
pronounced (Pay-Gull)
Will: Matt's acting belligerent at this party, I hope he doesnt get Pageled
by Kwazinator October 31, 2011
(verb) to kembitzky,

a player durring an athletic game or tournament passes out on the sideline for the rest of the game due to an overconsumption of alcohol.
pronounced (Kem-Bitz-kee)
Kevin: Where's Alex? we need him to play!
Guy: Yeah he's Kembitzkying this game
by Kwazinator October 31, 2011