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The yamaka of a Barack Obama supporter. While these can also display a logo or some other form of Obama promotion, if the yamaka is being worn by an Obama supporter, it is an Obamaka.
Check out the cool new Obamakas that Solomon Schwartz and Sidney Rosenblatt got at the thrift store... they are so cool. Good old Sol is going to bang the hell out of Ethel Schlossberg tonight!
by KwameJones June 13, 2008
Another term for an African-American. Derived from jeri-curl and jeri-rig. The term Jeri is most often used in a derogatory context in place of the word nigger.
Len: This neighbourhood sure is full of alot of Jeri's!

Scott: That's why we don't march our parades here after dark.
by KwameJones June 10, 2008
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