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1.Women, usually attractive or hot.
2.Girls you wanna screw.
3.Large numbers of such Women.
"Lets go out and find some womenz tonight"

Bob: I went to Brazil last week!
James: Did ya get the womenz?
by Kurto Lindsay May 01, 2008
To gatecrash (get in uninvited) a party,usually by jumping the fence.
John: You going to Sarah's party on Sat?
Sam: Naah i'm not invited
John: You could always fence it!
Sam Oh yeh, I think I will!
by Kurto Lindsay May 01, 2008
A distance which is regarded as far away. Yonder (slang for beyond) sticks (slang for the woods, the bush or the country side).
1.Kurto: Tonight we're gonna go smash some womenz in the eastern suburbs
John: Eastern suburbs? Thats yonder sticks! Why don't we just try our local?
Kurto: Righto

2. Jim: I'm gonna move to New York.
Bob: Why New York? That place is yonder sticks, why don't you stay in Australia?
Jim: Righto, I cant stand yanks anyway!
by Kurto Lindsay May 01, 2008

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