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Named after actress Amanda Bynes, this is a mental illness which effects females, typically of the celebrity breed, though it can effect anyone, that can usually be determined by the following symptoms:

- Public nudity
- Shaved head
- Erratic use of social media
- Erratic and generally inappropriate behavior

- Anger and lashing out at innocent people, including and especially at family and friends

- Narcissism

- Thinks the word "ugly" is an insult past the age of five

- Excessive drug use

- Odd piercings

- General obliviousness

- Completely and utterly out of touch with reality
"That poor girl. I hear she has a case of The Bynes."

"I've been seeing a psychiatrist for my Bynes. He says I'm making progress."

"Lock that bitch up! She's Bynesing bad!"
by Kurtango June 02, 2013

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