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The name of the main character of Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones. His twin sister's name is Eirika. Unlike most Fire Emblem lords (I.E: Mars/Marth, Leif, Roy, Eliwood), Ephraim is quite useful, and he can be kept in the front lines.

Plus, he's hot as hell. Like Roy. Yeah...
Innes doesn't like Ephraim because he loves him AND hates him.

Ephraim is so awesome, he pwn'd Chuck Norris.

Ephraim. Dead sexy.
by Kurai Na July 17, 2006
The 'pretty boy' Chosen of Tethe'alla. He is the misunderstood pervert of Tales of Symphonia. Zelos has many admirers, who he calls his 'hunnies'. He is very flamboyant, to the point that some people think he's gay with Lloyd. Which isn't true, but it is in question by many fanfic writers.

In reality, his peversion and narcissim only stems from the hardships Zelos has faced when he was younger.

Do you want to find out more? Too bad! I'm too lazy to countinue!
Zelos Wilder, he's so HOT!

Zelos is in love with Kratos, NOT Lloyd!
by Kurai Na July 17, 2006
Web slang, meaning: For the Win!
EphraimxInnes?! Best pairing, FTW!

I win, FTW.

by Kurai Na July 17, 2006

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