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Abbreviation of "Fo sheezy my neezy" which is the bastardization of "Fo shizzle my nizzle," which is the bastardization of "Fa Show my Niggah," which is the bastardization of "For show mah Negro" which is the bastardization of "I concurr with you, my African Brother."
"Fo sheezy my neezy
by KungFuJesus April 28, 2003
DLST is an acronym for "Dirty Little Slut Tattoo". This specifically refers to a tattoo found on the lower back of a female. The tattoo generally consists of a celestial object or a decorative horizontal pattern on the external lumbar area, slightly above the sacrum. Such a tattoo obviously has no use to the owner and can only be enjoyed by someone else from behind.
" Did you see the new DLST that Britney Spears is sporting? What a white trash whore!"

"That chick most certainly takes it in the ass... Check out that DLST."
by KungFuJesus July 31, 2005

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