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(adj.) Energetic, lively.
Not a corvette.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
Large, well built, highly muscular, great presence, huge.
He is so built.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
A huge tribe of 30,000 warriors who inhabited Zululand, which is in present day South Africa. The British army decided to conquer zululand, and setup small garrisons of troops to scout it. These were massacred by the Zulu's, and so enraged, the Mighty British Empire rained its' fury on the tribesmen. For several weeks the Zulu tribes laid low, hoping to evade detection. But some 1,200 British Troops and 300 tag-alongs (peaceful natives, soldiers wives etc.) were cut off by water and decided to camp in territory the zulu's were watching. Overnight, the Zulu's gathered and sent 7,000 soldiers onto the camp, killing all but a handful of tag-alongs who escaped when they heard screaming. The Zulu took thier guns and marched on Rorke's Drift, a small military hosital. Rorke's drift was manned by 97 ready soldiers, housed 36 wounded, 14 helpful natives five officers and two lieutenants, one of which was new to the area. They recieved news of the impending Zulu attack, but the new liuetenant demanded that they stay to defend the hospital and chapel. A passing preacher intimidated the natives to throw down thier guns and leave, because of the extreme odds. With Just 141 soldiers (One of the tag-alongs rushed to help them) they took on 4,500 Zulu warriors, 1,200 of which were armed and killed 2,500 Zulus. In comparison, 15 British died on the day, and 8 later died of battle wounds before the Zulu's saluted fellow braves and left. Rorke's Drift signalled the unparalled training of the British amry, but also that the Zulu army, which had impressive capabilities, wouldn't even last until 1880 (Rorke's drift was 22nd-23rd January 1879). Eventually, the Zulu army had to surrender, and became the exploit of the rich. Zulu tribesmen still inhabit South Africa's east coast and centre, but are no longer the dominating force.
The British have much to thank the Zulu for. What was the most impossible military victory ever occured against the zulu, and allowed the victors to return home instilling a strong sense of national pride.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
Actually, pedo is a derivation of latin word "paedo", while means children. Therehence, a pedopobic person has a fear of children. More correctly, this is spelled and pronounced paedo, not pedo, which is a form of transport.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
The age of consent is the age determined by the state at which a person can legally have sexual intercourse. For someone above this age to have sexual relations with someone below is considered statuatory rape. Most countries set their age of consent between 16-18, but some in certain countries it is as low as 12, or as high as 25*

*Homosexuality is usually higher.
The age of consent in the United Kingdom is 16, save for northern Ireland, where it is 17.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004
An austrailian greeting between males.

"Good day, mate (friend)"
G'day mate, hopinta me V8 an ell tell ya aaaall about oz.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 28, 2004
i r
purposeful grammatical error meaning "I am"
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 22, 2004

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