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Reference to the game, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
It was an attempt by Nintendo to return to the original style of the Zelda games, such as that featured in A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, and all the other 2D Zelda games (except for, possibly, The Adventure of Link).
Through cel-shading, Miyamoto attempted to create a fascinating, beautiful new world, and succeeded for the most part, even though many will agree that the ocean replacement for the world map was lazy.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of controversy going around with this game; many say the graphics are too kiddy and that the series should go back to the Ocarina of Time stylings.
Note that this game reinforced the "kiddy" label that is frequently pushed onto Nintendo, now practically tattooed on.
Most that have played it will agree, weather they like the graphical style or not, that it's a good game.
Guy 1: Game Informer gave Wind Waker a 10/10. You gonna buy it?
Guy 2: Nah, too kiddy. I think I'll wait for the next iteration of GTA instead.
by Kulor May 10, 2005
A computing company that decided not to conform to the IBM standards, which ultimately ended the mass confusion that was the computer market in the 80s. They proceed to be cocky, and allow nobody to make Apple-compatible computers (called Macintoshes), aside from themselves. Their computers, unlike the X86, can't run a very wide variety of OSes, aside from the Apple brand and a few shades of Linux.
They are also the only computer company in existence nowadays that holds a strong fanbase, consisting mostly of closed-minded biased fanboys. These people will use such moronic arguments as "Windoze freezes soooo much lol!!!!" and "u kant get a virus on a mac!!!!11", acting as though the Windows chain of OSes are the only OSes you can run on an X86. They also consistently flood public places with their Apple propaganda, justifying the fact that they use a computer that is, standard-wise, 20 years behind (they most likely do this because they can't find any other way to occupy themselves on their computer).
Johnny bought a new Apple computer, then proceeded to visit every forum-based site on the internet and praise Apple, while mindlessly bashing those who disagreed with him. Typical Apple fanboy.
by Kulor January 09, 2005
Reference to "Of Mice and Men", namely the ending where George tells Lennie to look at the rabbits so he can shoot Lennie while he's not looking. Basically means the same thing as go play in traffic; go jump off a cliff, die, etc. in addition to calling the person a retard. Could also be interpreted as a threat.
What do you mean you did my girlfriend?! That's it, look at the rabbits, bitch...
by Kulor May 24, 2005
Suffix; no true meaning, though when added to practically anything, it's almost guaranteed to sound (more) Japanese.
Use frequently with common "otaku" lingo and bad grammar, along with random Asian-sounding noises, and you'll sound genuinely Wapanese!
Sounds best when used with a squeaky, annoying voice.
Hoyooootsu!! Me havetsu kawaiitsu Inuyashatsu comicu!! Real from Nippontsu!! (>^0^)>
by Kulor June 01, 2005
Not to be confused with dumbass, DUMB-ASS actually refers to any stupider-than-stupid female in a TV show or movie that is such a mong, they're only good for their ass (to have sex with, given most DUMB-ASSes have fairly good looks).
Note that in order for a female to be classified as a DUMB-ASS, they generally have to do something stupid and blatantly obvious that ends up killing themselves.
Myrtle of The Great Gatsby, Candy's wife in Of Mice and Men, but not Padame of Star Wars or Elastigirl of The Incredibles.
by Kulor June 01, 2005
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