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To slam your fingers with guided precision into the depths of a man, woman, or animal's pussy or puckering anal cavity with the ferocity of a thousand foot pounds.
Dude, last night I was cow tipping and got a sudden urge to fingerblast the head bull...surprisingly when he awoke he was rather pleased with my skill.
by Kszerian May 20, 2003
*quote*He claims to never make mistakes, but he created Lucifer(who became Satan), then created Eve, and then planted that fucking tree smack dab in the middle of Eden.*quote*

He created all men with free will (Lucifer), the tree, and the apple, symbolizes temptation in which of course the woman succumbed to, hence the beginning of sin. If it weren't for women, there would be no sin. Thanks hos.
I am glad Eve ate that apple, otherwise I'd be walking around with my tallywhacker hanging out and my balls jingling about.
by Kszerian May 20, 2003
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