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1.One of the best and most well known Counter-Strike players in Florida. 2.One whos leetness is greater than all of SK's combined. He is "The leet one" of Counter-Strike. No one compares to his leetness.
OMG! he pulled an xsponse!
by Ksharp November 20, 2003
the birnger of death unstopible killing machine uses a samuri sword and a para heavy machine gun to spill the blood of all!
I was owning house then kipptron joined the server and sliced me in half with a samuri sword damn that cardboard robot of death!
by ksharp September 01, 2003
someone very sexy with amazing skills online and on lan.
wow! who do you think you are gheddo?
by ksharp November 30, 2003
abbreviation for "good game". depending on the context in which it is used it is either a compliment or a salty, halfassed insult. also can be said as "gfg" (good fucking game) when extremes of the matter are in question.
(polite)gg my friend, that was an exciting, exilirating game!!
(insulting)gg ogl scurb gtfo stfu an get soem skillz joo nubcake
by ksharp July 05, 2003
(n.) Condition in which you 'pwn(see pwn)' everyone on the other team.
Wow I just avireX'd.
by Ksharp July 08, 2003
1)A counter-strike clan that conveniently consists of kids too young to go to CPL. They have 1 year of cal-im exp. and 1 year of cal-m exp. and they still manage to beat Team 3D.

2)A counter-strike clan that does not lan
Im in a CS clan called wew and I enjoy getting owned on lan and then going online and beating the best teams in the United States
by ksharp November 28, 2004
He is the worst cal-i player i have ever seen
OGLnoob killed nesio with a headshot from a flashbang.
by Ksharp June 20, 2003
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