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Someone who acts like they own the place and that the whole world revolves around them. They look after number one, and everyone else is low on the priority list. If you know the arsehole well, often even just their presence can make you feel small and insignificant, and generally they treat you like something they stepped on.
He just strolled in, ignored the shop assistant, took what he wanted, threw the money on the counter and left. What an arsehole.
by Krunchie June 02, 2006
To engage in hot serious sex. To go at it with the prowless of a monkey. In that you actually make each other wanna make noises similar to that of a screaming monkey.
We got our freak on last night, We made 'hot monkey love' !!
by krunchie December 03, 2003
An individual that sucks dick. More so one that swallows the ejaculate.
After going down on 10 guys one after another, she was a real sperm burper.
by krunchie December 03, 2003
1. Of or like the city of Dayton Ohio.

2. Being similar to Dayton Ohio.
Shreveport (LA) is a nice place, it's very daytonesque. Meaning that it is similar in demographics, size, Etc.
by krunchie December 03, 2003
Deadly Semen Build-up. A large quantity of sperm and semen in the testicles. Meaning it's been awhile since you got laid. Often leading to frequent cases of blue balls
I need to get laid, I've got a case of DSB
by krunchie December 03, 2003
peace love and harmony. similar in nature to plur
i was arrested for activly in egaging in the promotion of the PLH philosophy.
by krunchie December 03, 2003
a variation of talk to the hand. used in response to a statement that is:
1: incorrect
2: a lie
3: just plain wrong. hurtful spiteful, etc.
Talk to the left, cause what you're sayin' just ain't right!
by krunchie December 03, 2003

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