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Located about 25 minutes(15 if you're speeding) from Times Square NYC. Possibly the most diverse county in New Jersey. With cities such as Newark, and Irvington(both canidates for the Shittiest City In America Award)and affluent suburbs such as the Caldwells(Home of the Sopranos) it truly is a diverse county. Nomatter where you are in Essex County, the "Jersey Spirit" is heard loud and clear. If you are looking for a stereotypical New Jerseyer, this is without a doubt the county to do it in. Essex County also seams to have marked their turf on the Jersey shore slum/town of Seaside Heights, and practically makes up 100% of its population a few times a year. Probably is home to some of the best food/pizza and restaurants in the entire northeast, second to that of NYC. Essex county is also the largest Italian populated county in the United States, hence it is where the term Guidos began in the late 60/70's when Italian-American men came together and formed New Jersey Organized Crime. The term was used by non-italians to decribe and denounce individuals who identified themselves as non-workers at labor/work sites by dressing extraordinarily nice. Essex County. Not the nicest place to vacation, but not too bad s place to come from.
Guido #1: Yo, where you goin for "Mem. Day" weekend, bro?

Guido #2: Bro, We got a place in Seaside its gonna be poppin! All of essex county is gonna be there!
by Krone May 18, 2006
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