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1. The stuff in the middle of an Oreo.
2. Man Juice.
3. Coke.
1. I love the white stuff, baby, in the middle of an Oreo!
2. ...And then I sprayed my white stuff all over her face!
3. Gimme another hit of that white stuff, man.
by Kristof88 July 15, 2004
Like Dobio, he is a moderator on the Newgrounds BBS. He is also a supporter of the Clock Crew. He dissapeared off the bottom of the earth some time ago, and lots of people have asked where he is. To this day, nobody knows where he is.
Olskoo currently is hiding beneath my sink, and he is planning to stay there until there are exactly 100 threads about him.
by Kristof88 July 07, 2004
Like olskoo, he is a Newgrounds Moderator. Unlike Olskoo, Dobio is still around, and still enjoys his turtlenecks.
What the fuck is a Dobio?
by Kristof88 July 15, 2004
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