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Unofficial name of the 2006 Trinidad and Tobago World Cup team and their supporters.
We are soca warriors. Go T &T!
by Kristin June 15, 2006
Guitarist/Singer of the band Blink 182. Tom is crazy in love with Mark Hoppus.
"Wow, did you hear Tom "Grand Masta Flame" Delonge talk about how great Mark is in bed at that concert?"
by Kristin March 21, 2005
To smoke a blunt and chill afterwards.
That la la la i be smokin, be gettin me right i be loking, them bullshit trees you be rollin, barely give you a buzz, me i get high.......50 Cent on his "Get Rich Or Die Trying." album
by kristin April 05, 2005
A profuse amount of crap.
I can not believe I just got a ticket, what a bunch of asscrap!
by Kristin October 06, 2003
to masturbate, works for male or females
I am about to go eat some cheetos.
by Kristin October 31, 2004
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