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When someone is being whiny and think the world is after them. They pretend to be suicidal so people will pity them. They think the whole world revolves around them and that they are the only one's with a problem in their lives.
Person 1: Man, I hate the world, it sucks! Yesterday I got a flat tire and no one helped me. No one loves me. People wouldn't even noticed if I died.
Person 2: Oh don't be such a cater
by Kristelle June 25, 2006
A person who wants you to feel sorry for them. They think the world is after them and everyone hates them. When something goes wrong they think it's the worse possibly think and think the world revolves around them and everyone should pay attention to them.
Person 1: My car broke down and it was a bitch to fix it and no one wanted to help me. They all hate me. They want me to die. They wouldn't care if I commited suicide.
Person 2: Oh don't be such a Cader!
by Kristelle June 26, 2006

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