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When an object is collected by an individual in such mass quantities that it may be considered hoarding rather than simply collecting.
a.) For the average fratboy, beer bottles and roach clips are exceedingly hoardable objects.

b.) If male genitalia was hoardable objects, Paris Hilton would be on the show "Hoarders".
#hoard #hoarding #hoarders #hoardible #hoarded
by KrispyCheese January 28, 2012
An item that is overly collected by an individual, or group of individuals, to the point where the act of excessive collecting has turned into hoarding.
Guy #1: Yo, guy #2, have you seen tom's collection of broken tv's? He says he gets them on craigslist.

Guy #2: Yeah man he has 236 now. It's his new hoardible.
#hordible #hoarders #collectibles #hoard #hoarding
by KrispyCheese January 28, 2012
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