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a fanfiction story, that is poorly written and unaaceptable for some reason (ie: spelling and grammatical errors, incorrect use of vocabulary, use of a mary-sue/ gary-stu, unoriginality, etc.)

This also describes fics that have no sense of plot. Not to be confused with pwp, badfics are generally meaningless, ignorant, stupid, and get critical information wrong.
Dude, did you read Becky's fanfiction? It was such a badfic, I mean, she spelled practically every other word, and her main character was a total Mary-Sue.

That girl's slashfic was aweful. She didn't even know that Jon Walker from P!atD wasn't the original bassist. Plus, her story didn't make any sense, and she wrote it in 2nd person POV. What a badfic.
by Kricket January 05, 2008

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