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The 'original' European branch of Christianity, which have many bits and pieces of celtic goddess worship. Many evangelical and militant right-wing christian cults (ie. KKK) feature violent anti-catholic sentiment, which focus on the alleged papal decadence and the pseudo-pagan worship of Mary and the saints within the church. Such indoctrination is a direct hold-over from the Catholic-bashing propaganda that was first spread after the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. Catholics are sometimes referred to as 'Papists', 'Popelovers', 'Mary-Worshippers' etc etc etc.
'...These folks are still more pagan than Christian. Only now, their favorite goddess is Mary, the mother of Jesus. Catholics are no better than pagans or Wiccans, praying to stone statues and trees...'
by Krapnip December 11, 2004
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