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When one is intoxicated from the consumption of alcohol to the point that he can no longer be trusted to drink from fragile or spillable containers.
Craig was so hammered last night he dropped two beer bottles in the kitchen and knocked over a nearly full bottle of Early Times. He was sippy cup drunk.
#hammered #shitfaced #plastered #wasted #loaded
by kradackledack April 14, 2009
verb: To vomit.
I had a dodgy curry before hitting the pub last night, and I knew I'd have to speak Welsh before I finished my third pint.
#hurl #chunder #spew #blow chunks #barf #puke #ralph #sell buicks
by Kradackledack December 28, 2010
One who blows dicks like they're whistles. Synonymous with cocksucker.
That guy with the BMW just finished shaving his chest, and now he wants to race you. What a whistledick.
#cocksucker #faggot #bum-puncher #cum chugger #dicklicker
by Kradackledack April 26, 2009
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