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2 definitions by Kowsk

A form of sarcastic ass talking, usually in that "dumb imitating someone voice". The goal of Zack Talk is to piss off the person you are talking to.
Kowsk: Dont try to Zack Talk me ricky.
Ricky: I'll kew you
by Kowsk May 06, 2006
A form of Zack Talk. This is Where you ask a question {in the same stupid voice as before} that you already know the answer to. The point of the question is to make the person say the answer to an obvious question that makes you look better. Most of the time you answer the question before they can even say anything.
Fiden: Yea i got 2nd i didnt expect that.
Ricky So yea... Who got 1st
Fiden: ....
Ricky: Yea thats right i did
Kowsk: You just zack Twisted him
by Kowsk May 06, 2006