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Big American Blow Job Derby- To have a line of boys ready for a blow job . One girl sucks each guy until one cums
Do you want to participate in a babjd?
by Kortney April 03, 2005
Lick pussy lick clit derby- A man must perform oral sex on a multiple girls until one comes. Also refer to babjd.
Oh, you want a babjd? Well i dont do shit until I get a lplcd!
by Kortney April 03, 2005
-a level of beauty, sexiness, and mystic a certain female possess.
-an example being. The FLYEST girl in your vicinity.
by Kortney April 09, 2005
ugh hmm... 1 who displays NERD like behavior.
e.g. "You are beein' a pooputt!"
by Kortney April 09, 2005

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