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The evil USSR dictator who was defeated by none other than Jack Frost. Since he has no friend, he carrues around a puppet named Doby no matter where he is.
"me is Koolber, me crush Americans! Right Doby? Why yes sir Koobler!"

by Kooper113 August 30, 2003
A spaceshit that always travels in groups with up to two other kids of ships. They're goal is to invade space and/or take over the Earth. They always attack in large groups, and become faster when less of them are in veiwing range.
"BWAHAHA! You should of shot where I was GOING to be instead of where I WAS!"
by Kooper113 August 30, 2003
The ultimate pokemon to ever exist. He can kick Mewtwo's ass anyday, screw you if you don't agree! Raaawrrr!! He has such an awesome hat/shell! And he has semi-clothes! That thing around his neck counts! HE'S NOT FUCKING HINDU!!
"I choose you Slowking!"
"Oh, it looks like your Mewtwo FUCKING SUCKS _____ <-insert loser's name here"

"I jack off to Slowking porn."
by Kooper113 August 28, 2004
100% proof that Sephiroth triumphs over Cloud after FF7's story, for he still lives, in another world...
"Come on... It's Sephiroth, I mean, all he did was cut his hair and stuff..."
by Kooper113 August 28, 2004
A cheap ripoff of Mewtwo. I mean, they both come from space.. And.. Um... Wait, no they don't... Uhh... Shit... They're uh.... Both are psychic! But Mewtwo came first! What a rip off!!!
"Mewtwo has gone through Mako Energy. Deoxys is a little bitch from space. Mewtwo wins."
by Kooper113 August 28, 2004

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