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A girl, usually blonde, with a flat chest but a very large butt, that she enjoys showing off, often called a "ghetto booty". She has teeth that are very straight, but are very yellow. She talks in severe mono-tone and almost never shows any emotion. People around her usually feel very uncomfortable when having a conversation with her. She is extremely atheist, and is inconsiderate about other people's feelings about religion. She thinks she is very hot but people who know her tend to disagree. She also has a terrible sense of style that most people deem "cheep" and "unclassy." Over-all she is someone who tries to be a total attention whore, but nobody gives a shit.
1: "Oh my goodness, who is that girl wearing ugly ass sweatpants and a sweat shirt?!?!"
2:"Good god...Thats a definite Karli."

1: "Yeah, My boyfriend saw this one girl with a huge ass, and he whistled at her, and when she turned around... he saw what she looked like...he projectile vomited all over my face..."
2: "Damn...That must be one ugly ass Karli."
by KoolManLady January 22, 2011

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