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4 definitions by Kola

Acronym for "suck my dick"
smd fag.
by Kola January 26, 2003
Name of the individual with the largest, thicket, healthiest penis on the planet. Often used when comparing other penis sizes.
Girl 1: His penis was huge! Probably almost 1/10 of a Lochlan!
Girl 2: Whoa, that's almost 9 inches right?
by Kola January 27, 2003
Acronym for "Eat My Shit"
Yeah, well you can EMS!
by Kola January 26, 2003
1) The catergorized emergence of subatomically charged particles over a neon substicle.
2) Touching
3) In accordance to the laws of a remotely unknown, or undiscovered plain, they may also lower the chances of such random occurences and other such Slime Ball
Oh man, what a steel!
by Kola March 31, 2003