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Music lacking in self expression and feeling. Like the Jonas Brothers, only made moreso for the soccer moms and the eight year olds.

"Yes Jesus Loves Me"... badly played.

The type of crap you get when you go to some kids youth group and everyone's swaying with their eyes closed singing a stupid song.
Christian Kid - YEAH! Jesus!
Normal Person with a Soul - That's cool... I wrote a song.
Christian Kid - Nope... nope... This has drug references in it...
Normal Person with a Soul - Okay... How about this one?
Christian Kid - I can't play this... It says damn.
Normal Person with a Soul - Well... what do you have?
Christian Kid - I've got Casting Crowns and an original that I wrote... "You built my faith up and stuff... I freaking love you"
Normal Person with a Soul - That sounds like everything else you write and listen to...
Christian Kid - I KNOW! It's totally Christian Music!
by Koffing September 10, 2009

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