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A generic species of camel shaggers. Those that go by the subgroup of Keshmand and be identified by that characteristic sticky hands and an unhealthy obsession of strange animations which frequently feature obscene hand movements. Members of the Keshmand group come in 2 distinct builds (short and wide with permanent lenses or of average height, thin with temporary lenses) but share the same lack of life and time spent jerking over PCs, Macs, PSPs, DSa and other computer related jargon although the short and wide type will spend 90% more time uttering the foul rubbish known as bullshit.
Me: Why is your hand sticky?
Ali: I was watching Naruto.

Ali: (to some random guy) I know more Dragonball characters than you
Random Guy: I have a life

Beg friend: Whats up?
Ali: I have downloaded all the Pokemon episodes ever created, it taken 38 gig of my hard drive.
Beg friend: Right, Whats up?

Ali: (to nerd) I know more about photoshop than you.
Nerd: (silenced)
by Kocker May 19, 2007

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