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In the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Pixie and Dixie (and Mr. Jinks)", "meeses" is what Mr. Jinx called both mice.
"...look at them, those meeses..."
by Koby Fish June 10, 2004
A chick who goes out with a guy ONLY for the benefit of his nice vehicle; usually a nice shiny jacked-up 4X4 truck with oversized tires, or even a hot sports car. Hence the name, "tire-biter."

Conversely, it CAN refer to a guy who goes with a girl solely for HER nice wheels.
That gal is a total tire-biter, she only wants him for his truck.
by Koby Fish May 31, 2004
n. adj.
Someone who pulls their ethernet cable in a game in order to disconnect from that game--particularly if they are losing. Often used as a tactic by people who think it's "better" than Alt+Q+Q, or they think they can make it look like a legitimate disconnect rather than "leaving" which is highly frowned upon in games on Battle.net--particularly TDA DOTA Allstars games.
Waiting for: icantdealwiththatnow
icantdealwiththatnow has left the game

opposing player: Plug Puller!
by Koby Fish April 13, 2008

Rule in "Tag." The person who is tagged cannot immediately tag back the person who tagged him.
Kid#1: Tag! You're it!
Kid#2: *tags Kid #1* Tag! YOU'RE it!
Kid#1: Can't tag your butcher!
by Koby Fish January 07, 2006

An anti-war protester who will only protest against "safe" protest targets (usually democratic free countries)--even if the "unsafe" target is truly the one at fault. For example, (at the time) protesting against US or British involvement in WW II but not protesting German or Japanese involvement in WW II.
Oh man, that guy's such a chickendove, he won't stand up for his principles and picket with signs against Hamas.
by Koby Fish January 31, 2006

1. Used "haxx0r-speak"/leet (l337) in a ridiculously unnecessary way, such as fanfiction or homework.

2. Having fashioned a username where one has difficulty telling what characters are used (i.e. small L (l) confusable with big I in some cases), which makes typing it out in order to add to a friends list (or banlist) nearly impossible.
Man, Exile really L33ted-up his username, it's actually exiie.
by Koby Fish January 06, 2006

In the basic game "Hide & Seek", anyone who is "caught," but whose identity is mistaken by the person who is "it," calls out "Golden Key"! He/she is granted immunity from being "it" for the duration of the search.
"It" (sees Jason): One-two-three on Tim!
Jason: GOLDEN KEY!!!
by Koby Fish January 07, 2006

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