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(n) large black man who throws it down nasty
Give SHAQ the ball in the paint and you cant lose
by Kobe Bryant December 24, 2003
Subaru Legacy is a popular street car that the sexy, and only the sexy, know how to drive. Perfect for attracting white girls.
Yo sup my nig, jacked me a soob, lez get some white bitches and booz and get da party off da heezy!
by Kobe Bryant July 18, 2004
The gangsta style of saying yes or yeah.
Did you get crunk in the club?
by Kobe Bryant February 24, 2005
verb To Ronnie Nader = To eat more than you can ever imagine.

noun The smartest person currently residing in the UAE. Absolutely perfect; he's the reflection of perfection.
He Ronnie Nadered all the food available in that restaurant. It was unbelievable!
by Kobe Bryant June 25, 2004
An innocent ex-football player who is disliked because of his random murdering habits and mild-mannerness, and his beautiful Ford Bronco
OJ is my HERO!!!!!
by Kobe Bryant October 08, 2003
when you get a piece from a bitch
Yo gurl, hook up some cut!
by Kobe Bryant February 21, 2005
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