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hideous disgusting creature that can plague your family into becoming a slurth
Kelly: ew did you see that slurth
Marlena: you know it we should probaly go kill it
Kelly: that is for sure
by KoKalzone September 20, 2009
1. The worst thing in the world. The worst thing that you can ever call anyone ever.

2. A hideous and ugly beast creature that will plague your family for 3 centuries.

3. 65 steps up from snark and 117 steps up from sloth in terribleness.

*Warning if you are a slurth the world wants to kill you, so carefully guard your body from it. You should probably just crawl into a cave for enternity.*
Henry: "That girl is such a slurth."
Susan: "Yeah I know."
Henry: "We should probably kill her."
Susan: "How is Thursday for you?"
by KOKalzone September 13, 2009

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